Land Journal: October 2011

Every morning when I am at home I get up shortly before sunrise and spend a little while outside, watching the sun come up and the new day come alive. I walk the 400 feet up to a small pond and go for a swim. When I get back inside I write in what I call my "Pond Journal" a little about what I saw, heard and felt. I decided to put that journal up here to share with a wider world what I have written since I see this, like photograpy, as a way of bringing back a record of my observations of the natural world.

On August 26 I moved from Worthington, Massachusetts to Foster, Rhode Island. I continue to write but my writing has taken a different direction, less condusive to daily posts. So, for now I am closing the Pond Journal, leaving it as a story of my time in Worthington. Stay tuned for new directions in the future.

October 31, 2011:

Yesterday the ice was ¼” thick but soft enough to ripple and move without breaking and there was a large area of open water in the deeper part of the pond. Today the ice is thinner but harder; cold clear and brittle, but rough with the lines of the forming ice crystals, and the pond is completely frozen over. Given the forecast this will not last but winter is definitely coming. I was surprised to find that the water is at +5°C a foot below the surface.

The snow is a bit harder today, but still soft enough for me to sink gently into.